Solar Chicago Comes to Wilmette

Please join us at the Wilmette Village Hall Council Chambers on August 20th from 7-8:30pm to learn about Solar Chicago. The Village of Wilmette agreed to help streamline permitting in return for guarantees on the lowest rates [Read More...]


Yard Care with Minimal or No Chemicals

This summer, Go Green Wilmette is working to raise awareness and educate homeowners about alternative strategies to keep a green lawn with minimal or no chemicals. Proper lawn care, aeration and … [Read More...]


International Christian Group Announces Fossil Fuel Divestment

The World Council of Churches, an organization that represents more than half a billion Christians across the globe, announced Thursday it will no longer invest in fossil fuel companies. [Read More...]


What can I do to avoid grubs in my lawn without using chemicals?

The simple answer is to let your turf dry out a bit in mid summer.  Grub larvae didn't have a very good winter. The soil was frozen up to 30 inches in Northern Illinois and they don't migrate deeper … [Read More...]

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