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Babushkas of Chernobyl

An affectionate portrait of a group of women who, after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster and evacuation, returned to the exclusion zone surrounding the nuclear power plant and have resided there - … [Read More...]

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Natural Lawn Care

This is the time of year to focus on natural landscaping. Go Green Wilmette wants to help! Check out our website for many tips on lawn care that is healthy for you, your family and your pets. … [Read More...]


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Lake Forest Develops Sustainability Plan

The Lake Forest Council moves ahead on its sustainability plan. Get the details here: http://jwcdaily.com/2016/08/02/lake-forest-council-moves-ahead-on-sustainability-plan/

Dear Robin,

Can the disposable paper cup that I get at the coffee shop be recycled?

Disposable coffee cups are not recyclable and our coffee habits are creating lots of unnecessary waste.  Coffee frequently used to be served, and sometimes still is, in cups made of polystyrene.  Most customers have become aware of the environmental problem due to polystyrene since it does not decompose and most coffee shops now serve their coffee in disposable paper cups.  The problem is that these disposable paper cups have a plastic coating, this means that they also end up in a landfill.  In addition, the paper making process requires the felling of trees and the use of a significant amount of water. On top of that, these paper cups often have plastic tops and cardboard sleeves which contribute to the waste.  Whenever we use a product which can only be used once, we are contributing significantly to the unnecessary use of our natural resources and the excessiveness of our waste. One small thing that we all could do to help the health of our planet is to ask for or bring a reusable mug for our coffee.  This little inconvenience to us could put a dent in the millions of paper cups that end up in landfills every year.

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