GGW & Village sponsor styrofoam recycling event

The Village of Wilmette is partnering with Go Green Wilmette to host a Styrofoam recycling event. Public Works and GGW will collect all styrofoam and transport it to ABT Electronics in Glenview for recycling. [Read More…]


Great Lakes — Vast Yet Vulnerable — a League of Women Voters event November 17th, Wilmette Public Library.

“What if we imagined the entire Great Basin as an international park where we live, work and play? Moreover, what if we each thought of ourselves as a full member of that community --a ‘basiner’ so to … [Read More...]


Feeling good about 2014

This past year was filled with good news about sustainable living. The Sierra Club just published their Top 10 list and it’s worth a read to see how much the momentum continues to build. Click here for the article.


What kind of toilet paper is the most environmentally friendly?

Mr. Green of the Sierra Club has addressed this issue. He pointed the questioner to the Natural Resources Defense Council's site which ranks about 50 brands.  The best are those made with 100% … [Read More...]

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