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LWV findings on Park District Referenda

The League of Woman Voters Wilmette Study Committee presented their findings about the referenda last week to the public. Please click here to see the presentation. To learn about the results of the consensus meeting click here.

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Native Plant Sale

Early bird discounts through March 9. Attract butterflies, soak up the rain or just add a splash of natural beauty. Click here!  Order now, pick up in the Spring. … [Read More...]

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The Wilmette Park District offers Nature Based Programming

The Wilmette Park District is offering Nature based programming for the first time. Two different classes are being offered. The first is a nature exploration class with hands on activities, projects and nature walks. The second is an organic gardening class.  [Read More…]

Dear Robin

I have fire extinguishers that are no longer functional, how can I recycle or recharge them?

Fire extinguishers are under pressure and have the potential to explode. They cannot be discarded in the trash and are not accepted at Household Chemical Waste collections. However, there are … [Read More...]

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