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Go Green Wilmette Tree Walk

Go Green Wilmette in conjunction with the Village of Wilmette and the Wilmette Park District is presenting the third annual tree walk.  Guided tours will help you identify trees in your yard, neighborhood or park. Explore the basics on how to protect your trees from environmental stress. Know which trees to plant in your yard. Discover the benefits of planting native trees.

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Healthy and Natural Yards

This is the time of year to focus on natural landscaping. Go Green Wilmette wants to help! Check out our website for many tips on lawn care that is healthy for you, your family and your pets. … [Read More...]

Good News Department

The Wilmette Citizens for Active Transportation has launched a Quarterly Newsletter

The Wilmette Citizens for Active Transportation (WCAT) works to make bicycling, walking and all forms of active transportation in Wilmette safer and more convenient. Their goal is to make Wilmette a healthier and more livable community. They do this through education, advocacy and community engagement.  They are currently advocating for more bike infrastructure, with a focus on adding bike racks to the downtown and creating safer East-West routes (including safer routes to the schools) as well as starting to engage local businesses in becoming more bike and pedestrian-friendly. To see the newsletter and learn more, click here.

Dear Robin

What can I do to keep the trees in my yard healthy?

The midwest has lost many trees in recent years due to disease and pests but one of the most common causes of the death of a tree is the harm that is unwittingly done to it by humans. There are a number of things that we can all do to protect our trees. It is important to plan construction to minimize damage to trees. Plan carefully. Remember that root systems of trees can extend two to three times further than the branches so construction can cause damage to trees even when it occurs a distance away from the tree itself. Be careful of weed whacking near trees. Weed whackers nick the bark causing damage to the tree and providing an ideal entry point for potential disease. [Read More…]

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