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Climate Reality Program: Hotter Summers, Strong Storms

Connect the dots on climate change. All across America, communities continue to grapple with the disastrous effects of extreme weather. From superstorms to droughts to wildfires, this type of weather … [Read More...]

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Natural Lawn Care

This is the time of year to focus on natural landscaping. Go Green Wilmette wants to help! Check out our website for many tips on lawn care that is healthy for you, your family and your pets. … [Read More...]


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Alternative Yard Tour Success!

The morning storm passed and the sun came out in time for close to 150 visitors that attended the Alternative Yard Tour! The yards on the tour were carefully selected to illustrate a variety of … [Read More...]

Alternative Yard Tour 2016

Alternative Yard Tour 2016

Dear Robin,

How can I be sure that I am recycling materials in the proper way?

Recycling is complicated and every community has its own individual guidelines.  The most important thing you can do is to check your community’s municipal website for information on its recycling program.  In Wilmette, all the information is available on its recycling website  which can be found here.  Science Friday addressed the issue recently and answered many common questions about recycling, from what the numbers mean on the bottom of plastic containers to whether peanut butter containers need to be washed out. The program also offers an interesting short video about the recycling center in Brooklyn, New York which demonstrates how a big recycling center sorts through mixed recyclables . To find the Science Friday program , click here. We can all benefit from a better understanding of how to recycle properly.


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