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Bike Wilmette meeting

If you are interested in biking and biking related issues, feel free to join this open meeting

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Shedd the Straw Campaign

Go Green Wilmette is participating in Shedd Aquarium’s Shedd the Straw campaignto reduce Chicagoland’s use of plastic straws that harm marine life and contribute to pollution and landfill waste. Americans use about 500 million straws a day – the same weight as 1,000 cars! Since plastic straws do not biodegrade and are nearly impossible to recycle, almost every straw that has ever been used still exists on the planet. You can help by not purchasing straws for home use and telling your server that you do not want a straw when you order a drink. Ask your favorite restaurant to join Shedd Aquarium’s Shedd the Straw campaign. Learn more here:


Good News Department

Yard Tour and Yard Signs

Our 5th Annual Alternative Yard Tour featuring natural yards attracted nearly 200 visitors from as far away as Hyde Park! Many thanks to our nine hosts and many volunteers who made the day such an enjoyable success. Let us know if you want to be on next year’s tour!  View photos from the tour. [Read More…]

Dear Robin,

What’s more earth-friendly – bar soap or liquid soap?   

Bar soap is a better choice for many reasons, starting with the plastic container. Learn more.

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